When the others were driving the G7-race, I was in a car on my way home to Sweden, going through snowy Germany & Denmark. Heard that Vlado was TQ. The ones who made it to the main among the 19 entries were: Heiko, Jeff, Jyri-Ville, Vlado, José-Mario, Juha, Gugu and Klaus. Haven't got any semi results though.
What I DO know is that only four people were driving the end of the final main and that Klaus W won, with Juha on 2nd place and Gugu on 3rd. 
The German Open was, as every other year, an amazing race-week arranged by the Fröbel Family. 
Fridays annual toast.


Saturday - OMO! 
I don't remeber who was TQ, but there were three mains. Gugu won the race, just a meter or so ahead of Jyri-Ville.
1st. Gugu
2nd. Jyri-Ville
3rd. Peter Fröbel


Thursday wasn't all about Box12, but Light27 too! 15 entries. I'm not a hundred precent sure about who was TQ, but I think Jeff Mack did it. Heiko won the race, Gugu second place and Juho Sippola third.
Mr Thinschmidt!

1st. Heiko Thinschmidt. 724,2 laps
2nd. Gugu Bernardino. 721,35 laps
3rd. Juho Sippola. 714,8 laps
4th. Michael Kayser. 706,9 laps
5th. Stefan Törnfeldt. 705,81 laps
6th. Peter Fröbel. 704,45 laps
7th. Michaela Seyfart. 650,9 laps
8th. Jose-Mario Serra. 648,5 laps
9th. Klaus Wickert. 646,25 laps
10th. Hannah Fröbel. 613,85 laps
11th. Siggi Glink. 602,35 laps
12th. Les Wright. 541,0 laps
13th. ELO. 367,0 laps.
14th. Chopper. 307,0 laps
15th. Jeff Mack. 286,0 laps

German Open 2012

This years German Open started with Box-12 at the thursday, with Hannah Fröbel as TQ!
As it was only 8 entries, all drivers went straight to the main.
Werner Lange won the race, with 598 laps!
Hannah Fröbel! In the background; Peter, Wicki and Jeff.
Box12 winner, Werner Lange.
1st. Werner Lange, 598 laps 
2nd. Michael Kayser, 570 laps
3rd. Hannah Fröbel, 535 laps
4th. Michaela Seyfart, 519 laps
5th. Jan Andersson, 507 laps 
6th. ELO, 499 laps
7th. Ralf Klose, 365 laps 
8th. Chopper, 217 laps

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