Delayed pictures

Photos by Jan Andersson

G-27: 3rd Petr Krcil, 1st Vlado Okali, 3rd Stefan Törnfeldt

OMO: 2nd Peter Fröbel, 1st Heiko Thinschmidt, 3rd Zdenek Benes.

G-7 Winner 2012 Juha Yli-sipola and Atte.

TQ Per Persson, 3rd Jari Porttinen, 1st Juha Yli-sipola and 2nd Petr Krcil.

Coolest guys on earth

Say no more

G7 Results


Per Persson was TQ in G7 with the lap time 1,521, with a Koford chassi and a B52 motor.
New track record!

Semis right now! Check out the link to see it live!
Don't know why, but I can't flip the picture! Anyhow, here's Mr.TQ!

OMO Top 10

1st. Heiko Thinschmidt. 981,91 laps

2nd. Peter Fröbel. 980,15 laps

3rd. Zdenek Benes. 956,55 laps

4th. André Eriksson. 951,85 laps

5th. Mikael Silén. 949,47 laps

6th. Juho Sippola.  947,11 laps

7th. Tero Lahola. 940,20 laps

8th. Juha Yli-Sipola. 936,99 laps

9th. Stefan Törnfeldt. 936,25 laps

10th. Petr Krcil. 909,00 laps


The rest of the Swedes participating in OMO ended up at:

26th. Per Persson. 535,00 laps

28th. Richard Jonsson. 466,00 laps

32th. Jan Andersson. 113,00 laps


Heikos, Peters and Zdeneks cars.

G27 Main Results

1st. Vlado Okali. 897 laps
2nd. Stefan Törnfeldt. 890 laps
3rd. Petr Krcil. 885 laps
4th. Zdenek Benes. 877 laps
5th. Klaus Wickert. 865 laps
6th. Peter Fröbel. 852 laps
7th. Heiko Thinschmidt. 845 laps
8th. Juha Yli-Sipola. 841 laps
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Reportern är redan klar med sitt Finlandsbesök, och sätter sig på planet hem till Svedala imorgon - hem till man & hund! Dock ska jag försöka hålla er uppdaterade ändå, med mina lokala källor! Klockan 7 imorgon bitti kör Atte mig till Vaasa. Tack för ett bra EM!


Light27 Main results

1st. Peter Krcil, 872 laps
2nd. Stefan Törnfeldt, 863 laps
3rd. Tomi Pahula, 851 laps
4th. Klaus Wickert, 842 laps
5th. Siggi Glink, 834 laps
6th. Juho Sippola, 831 laps
7th. Mikael Ovaska, 819 laps
8th. Peter Fröbel, 814 laps

Top 3 - G12 & 27Light


2nd Stefan Törnfeldt. 1st Petr Krcil. 3rd Tomi Pahula.


2nd. Gabriella Törnfeldt. 1st "Lalla" Andersson. 3rd Pasi Hietala.

G12 Results




Lalla - 1st!
Gabriella - 2nd!
I'll post full results tomorrow. 
Way to go, Sweden!



Fröbel, Wicki & Siggi just arrived!


We're famous!

... at least in Laihia.
That's me with the pink hair, and dad standing next to me plus Sillen and Janne.

Sillen starts making chassis!

Finally, Mikael Silén - The OMO World Champ - has made his very first chassis!


They are made from an american aluminum material which is 40% durable than the material used today.


You can get the chassi in two different types - G7 and G27.


Both chassis can be built in different lenghts, between 106.5 and 112.5 millimeter steps.


The pintube position is the same as on Koford & Hype chassis.

Cut and plated in Sweden.


Interested? Contact Silén!





The differece between the chassis' is that G27 has thinner rails.


Live cam!

Watch the ECs live at !
Currently preparing all our stuff. Or well, all the others are (all Swedes are here now!). My G12 car is done, and as I'm heading home earlier than the others (friday morning that is) I won't be driving OMO.
So, my one and only day of racing is today - not sure which time yet, I assume that it's later this afternoon/evening. Might be cus of the fact that the Germans are arriving later today, not sure if anyone of them are driving G12. Time will tell! BTYL folks! (Blog to you later, haha)


We're in Laihia, at Gary Gerdings kingtrack Black Ice - time for some Wing-EC!


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