Update from Fröbel!

About who will show up at the German Open 2012:

"and Thomas Trantura from Austria, Erich Lorenz the god old ELO, maybe Ulli,
No Mikael? Who then makes the technical inspection?

See you soon

German Open

Got an email from my good friend Peter Fröbel, about the contestans of this years German Open!
The following people are coming: 
Finnland: Juha, Jyri-Ville, Hannu, Pekka, Juhu, Atte, Teri.
Sweden: Stefan Törnfeldt, Janne Andersson.
Czech republic: Zdenek, Jiri Micek, Vlado.
Brazil: Gugu, José Mario and maybe Bambi.
US: Les
Germany: Peter, Klaus, Siggi, Heiko, Rainer, Micha Kaiser, Kehlo, Michi Saifart, Ralf Klose, Roland Faix, Chopper, Werner Lange, Hanna & Rebecca Fröbel.
Our very favourite, Peter, takin a powernap to gather some energy for this years German Open!

Gothenburg 1000 - 2012

So the time has finally come for Swedish slotracings highlight - Gothenburg1000, which is raced the first weekend of December. Seems like the race has managed to attract over 50 entries, and we'll see seven old champs in the header. Below is a list with the name of the champs and the years they won!
Janne Ekman, 1979, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1992, 2000, 2001, 2002.
Egil Aksnes, 1987.
Anders Gustafson, 1990, 1995, 1999, 2003, 2010.
Stefan Törnfeldt, 1994, 1998.
Kenneth Signal, 2004.
Michael Landrud, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2011.
Steen Michaelsen, 2009.
In the picture is the very first race result from 1972, taken from the Swedish paper "Miniracing" created by Hasse & Bjarne.

Retro pro

Retro Pro car made by Lasse Törn from Gothenburg

Retro Stocker

Thomas Nilssons Stocker car

@Retro nats

Uffe Törn


Kvalresultat och vinnare
Thomas Nilsson This years Retro Formula winner


Formula cars and Mia Ekman 
Mia, Retro Nats Race Director

Retro Nats

Right now: Retro nats in Partille

Asker Open, November 3rd 2012

 It was a dark and rainy Saturday morning, me and Janne were heading for the Hasse Nilsson king in Asker. Two drivers from Sweden and five drivers from Norway gathered in the basement for some good old racing. Stefan won both the qualifying and the whole race in Prod24, with Egil on 2nd place and Tor Henning from Fredrikstad on 3rd. When it came to Box-12, Egil won both qualifying and the race, with the two Swedes - Stefan and Janne - on 2nd and 3rd place. Sure was a fun race, even though we had some technical problems, with a real good lunch from Pizzastuen!

Saloon Production 24.
1. Stefan Törnfeldt 297.60 laps TQ 4.364
2. Egil Aksnes 281.55 laps Q 4.621
3. Tor Henning J 255.55 laps Q 4.673
4. Janne Andersson 251.35 laps Q 4.994
5. Jens Petter Nakken 234.70 laps Q 5.583
6. Geir Jensrud 214.25 laps Q 4.644
7. Johnny Andersen 33.00 laps Q 4.803

1. Egil Aksnes 455.55 laps TQ 2.706
2. Stefan Törnfeldt 437.10 laps Q 2.856
3. Janne Andersson 404.50 laps Q 2.902
4. Geir Jensrud 391.40 laps Q 3.004
5. Johnny Andersen 375.55 laps Q 3.243
6. Tor Henning J 325.43 laps Q 2.851
7. Jens Petter Nakken 255.00 laps Q 3.025


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