6-timmarsrace / 6-hour race

Today it was time for the annual 6 hour race in Partille, and seven teams participated.
Guss and Stefan were in the lead from the very first second of the race, and finnished at 1st place with the bullets!
Not only did they win the race, they also made a new record - 4110 laps. 
For all results, visit http://sveslot.se/resultat/2011/partille110220.pdf
Thanks to Mia Ekman for the delecious lunch!


2nd; Team Fernet 1st; Møkkamennen 3rd; 3-pack järpar 39,90:-

All cars, from left to right;
StarBowling, Møkkamennen, SweetHotChili, Räserputz, Samlaget, TeamFernet, 3-packJärpar

2nd; Team Fernet - Janne Ekman and Mikael Landrud
1st; Møkkamennen - Anders "Guss" Gustafsson and Stefan Törnfeldt
3rd; 3-pack järpar 39,90:- - Kennet Signal, Thomas Schüler, Lasse Pettersson

32 Nats

Today we raced this years 1/32-Nats on the new Stenungsund track. After having some problem with the Arco system we decided to have only finals and not the consy system like we used to. We had three good races - Kennet Signal won in Production and Vimmerbys Anders Gustafsson won in both Formula and Eurosport.
We had guests from Asker, Norway racing aswell!
Friday - Egil and Johnny getting prepared for Saturdays race
All cars
Concourse winners - Johnny, Guss and Stefan
Discussing the racesystem
2nd Stefan, 1st Kennet, 3rd Lasse Törn, 4th Guss - Production
2nd Stefan, 1st Guss, 3rd Janne Ekman - Formula
2nd Kennet, 1st Guss, 3rd Stefan - Eurosport

Västcoopen 1

So, it was finally time for the Grand Opening of the new Hasse Nilsson track in Stenungsund. 26 racers on a Wednesdayrace is awesome! We saw Swedish star Mikael Landrud win before Stefan on 2nd, and GO69 racer Lasse Törn of 3rd. For results, visit http://sveslot.se/resultat/2011/stenung110216.pdf . Thanks to Coop and G:A Lindberg for sponsored prizes.
All racers, a new record!

All-time teammates

Berra, Lasse Maté, André and Kenneth racing, plus Robban taking place in "Berras böj", 
which is almost identical to the turn Berra used to marshall in at our old track.

Thomas Werner who made the Swedish grocerycompany Coop a sponsor this season!
A fun detail was that everyone got a little sticker on their car, saying different products from the Coop assortment.
For example, Mia Ekman got "Spicy sausages" and Stefan got "Roast pork"

1st Mikael Landrud, 2nd Stefan Törnfeldt, 3rd Lasse Törn.
A new thing for the season is that there's a kind of lottery going on aswell! Random numbers (this time from 1-26, depending on how many racers competing) are selected, this time 13, 15 and 24, and if you end up on that place in the finalresults for each race you win something from Coop. So Gabriella, John and Lasse Maté each won a Swedish Falukorv!


Nu är det 26 anmälda till onsdagen race. Hoppas alla dyker upp.


24 anmälda till onsdags racet i västcoopen. Om alla kommer så blir det ett nytt rekord för onsdags race.


Idag var det lite träning på den nya banan, och ingen mindre än vinnaren av Asker 1000 -97 - Jari Palola - dök upp och testade ett par varv. På onsdag är det dags för första racet i Västcoopen och vi räknar med ca 20 startande!


Idag har vi jobbat på banan! Tack till Uffe & Lasse Törn, Janne och Ulrika för hjälpen.
Förresten så vann Guss 1/24 Eurosport i Åtvidaberg - grym start på ISRAcupen.
Rivning av Ovalen
Banan i delar
Lasse, Uffe och Janne
Familjen Törn i arbete
Berras Böj med plats för två

Bilder 110205

Hasse Nilsson

Banan i delar

Hasse och Janne


Packat och klart!


Resan gick bra.

Igår var jag, Janne A och Ulrika hos Hasse Nilsson och hämtade den nya 4 spåriga banan.
Bilder kommer på bloggen om 1 timme. Denna veckan skall Hasse åka till skåne och bygga VM banan för Helgesson och kapa ut en bana åt Danskarna(den såg lite ut som Partille banan på skissen)
Pratade med Guss också, han vann 1/32 eurosport och 1/32 formula i Åtvidaberg(först deltävlingen i Isra cupen).
Idag börjar vi nog sätta ihop banan och man kör 1/24 i Åtvidaberg.

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