The day after the worlds

Brad Friesner, Canada

New Worldchamp Brad F

The main drivers

This years drivers in the Worlds G-7 main

Before the main

Some cool guys.

Results Semi A

From semi A to the main: Krcil, Benes and Forrest and also Mario MSP Schöne.

Worlds Semi A

Here are semi A drivers.
From semi B Brad, Filipe also Sillen and Paul Beuf Pedersen is in the main.

Worlds Semi B

With the big boys.

New Red Fox Braids

The new super braids from Gugu.
8 heat on one pair !!!!!

Worlds Quarter A

This one with Krcil and Juha.

Worlds Quarter B

With Sillen and Brad in it.

Worlds Quarter C

Time for the next one.

Worlds Quarter D

Some big boys in this one.

TQ in Worlds G-7

Petr Krcil 1.468, second Brad 1.470 and 3rd Peter Fröbel 1.490.

Worlds G-7 race

32 drivers in the G-7 race today.

Worlds G-7 day

The Omo winner from yesterday, eat a really good breakfast a his hotell.

New and old champs.

John, Juha and Beuf in Buena.

Worlds Omo champ

Juha wins before Kricl and 3rd Rich Curnutte.

Worlds TQ in Omo

TQ Marcio with 1.657

Worlds racedirector

Today Andy is racedirector.

Worlds Omo race

Now its 43 cars.

Worlds Omo race

42 drivers today in Omo race.

Worlds Saturday morning

Some not so happy after the hockey.
Go Sweden Go

Worlds party

Photos from tonight

Worlds dinner

The food at Yacht club tonight.

Worlds raceparty

The friends from czech republic.

Worlds driver today

Todays driver Jack Daniels.


More is coming very soon today.
From this days raceparty.

Worlds to the party

Two happy Germans, and a fish!

Worlds Friday afternoon

Keith Tanaka doing a great work at the track.

Worlds Friday lunch

Team Boola, Mike and Randy and also James from team Koford.

Worlds Friday morning

No race today.
Only race party at Newport Beach Yacht Club later.

Worlds G-27 results

Here is the main results from buena park raceway.
Tomorrow its race party.

Worlds G-27 main

Winner Petr Krcil and his mechanic Recek wins before Juha and 3rd Peter Fröbel.

Worlds G-27

14 cars, and TQ Petr Krcil 1.659 new track record.

Worlds Thursday morning

Cleaning time.

Worlds light 27 champ

Josef Korek wins before Petr and Filipe.

Worlds Wednesday semi A

From semi A in light 27 to the main was Filipe and Josef Korec, 3rd Petr K and 4th Marcio.

Worlds Wednesday semi B

To the main from semi B: Hamilton, Trevor and Klaus W and4th was Richard Curnutte.

Worlds Wednesday Light-27

The light-27 qualification from a sunny Buena.

Worlds Wednesday L-27 TQ

1.885 by Petr Krcil with speed rubber.

Worlds Wednesday light tech

Mikael working hard with the tech.

Worlds Wednesday morning

Today its light- 27 day with the Port Jeff boys.

Worlds Tuesday night

The last Swedes are in Buena now.
Per Persson and Richard Jonsson from the north of Sweden.

Worlds Tuesday evening

Light-27 practice with a lot of Brazilians on the track.

Worlds Tuesday noon

The BIG DOGS are ready to do battle.

Worlds, Tuesday morning

Practice day today, Greg was the one to open the track this morning.
Behind him - Buena Parks stocked, amazing shop! 

Worlds, Monday evening

Getting more crowded at the track!
Haven't seen this many flags since J-P van Rossems good, ole' days back in the 80s!

Worlds, Monday noon

Practice at the track all day. Some are practicing real hard - some are not...

Worlds, Monday lunch

This years Worlds-logo!

Worlds, Monday morning

Breakfast at Imperial Burgers!

Worlds, Sunday evening

A part of the Swedish team is still tired as hell after the trip. I'm still staying awake though, surfing the internet with my new American T-mobile prepaid.

Worlds, Sunday afternoon

Peter and Klaus arrived today. Took our first laps at the track, that closed at 7pm. Opens tomorrow morning at 8.30 am for practice. Planning to buy some retro F1-bodies for the lads back in Gothenburg!

Worlds, Sunday at noon

Hangin' out with Andy!

Worlds, Sunday morning

Second runner up in last years U.S Nats, Micke Silen, tries the simple breakfast at our hotel Portola.
The Finnish guys are arriving around lunch, and will be staying at the same hotel as us!

Worlds, Saturday evening

Hung out with Al Chuch, Forrest and Andy at our favourite restaurant - Outbacks!
Ordered onion flowers and baby ribs, as usual!

Worlds, Saturday afternoon

Meet Gugu and the guys who's been here since Wednesday. Mario's been here too, testing his stuff!
Here's a link for live streaming from the track:

Juha Yli-Sipola Circuit

Here is Iisalmis new track, standing in the same room as Juha started his succesful career in the early 80´s.
The new track is also named after Juha.
The track is a Hasse Nilsson Hillclimb with 6 lanes, lane master system and 30,5 meter long.

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