G-7 germany open.

Main cars

Omo result

Omo winner Juha 907 laps, second Mikael S 892 laps and 3rd Vlado 871 laps. 4th Mario 870 laps, 5th Jari P 863 laps, 6th was Gugu 857 laps and 7th Heiko 846 laps, 8th Peter F 808 laps.

TQ Omo.

Ulli 1.776.


33 cars in Omo race.

Tech will start in Omo.

Tech have start in Omo.


European champ breakfast...

G-27 Pro spray glue.

Winner Klaus.
top 3 cars, 1st Klaus, 2nd Ulli and 3rd Gugu..

TQ G-27

Juha with 1.957

Tech G-27

Tech for G-27 today..


24 cars in Light-27.
TQ Emerson 1.992
This year winner in Light-27 Michaela Seyfart.
2nd Emerson, 3rd Ulli, and 4th Gugu, 5th Christian Mayer,
6 th Stefan and 7th MSP, and on 8th place Reggie Coram.

Tech in light-27.

Atte an Andy....

Germany Open

Box-12 winner Christian.

Germany Open

TQ Gugu in Box-12, time was 2.430.
Today with 9 cars.

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