G7 Main Results

1. Klaus Wickert - 1079 2. Mikael Silén - 1024 3. Ulf Edgar Pietch - 1021 4. Peter Krcil - 1019 5. Stefan Törnfeldt - 1011 6. Christian Kehl - 977 7. Zdenek Benes - 956 8. Peter Fröbel - 841 18 Entries. I'll post more pictures tomorrow. We're waiting for the ferry from Puttgarden to Rödby at the moment, thank GOD for free wifi! Had an awesome week in Brühl as always!


German G27 Champ - Peter Fröbel! :D
He ran the same motor the entire main!



G27 Main

Starting on;

Black - Peter Fröbel
Purple - Zdenek Benes
Yellow - Gugu
Blue - Uli
Orange - Sillen
Green - Stefan
White - Klaus Wickert
Red - Petr Krcil

Let's get ready to rumble!


We're in the middle of G27 semis, finals are coming up soon! Stay tuned for results! Sillen said something yesterday about slotracing being a sport for guys. He was getting dressed at the track, took his tshirt off and I said something like "God, my eyes are bleeding!" on which he replied "Suit yourself, when you're into slotracing - it's for guys" Haha.
Well, if that's the case ...
How come there's the awesome girls here!?
The Fröbel sisters & me. The worlds coolest crew, I'd say ;)
After the G27 race we'll have the annual toast with champange, the big BBQ will be tomorrow instead.
Me and the sisters are waiting for the Yankee (Andy) to show up so we can continue on with a tradition we started last year - Our very own mini-bbq with marshmallows. Now we're talkin!

Results Light27 & G12

1. Gugu - 739
2. Stefan Törnfeldt - 715,98
3. Heiko Thinschmidt - 715,96
4. Klaus Wickert
5. Peter Fröbel
6. Peter Krcil
7. Siggi Glink
8. Hein Post
9. Jose-Mario
10. Juho Sippola
11. Caparez Cada
1. Gabriella Törnfeldt - 647
2. Jan Andersson - 610
3. Roland Faix - 567
4. Werner Lange
5. Hein Post

G12- & Light27 champions!

I'll post results later on!


Just got a gift! Woop woop :D
Now - practice!

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