Once upon a time ...

Numera kör vi på engelska!

As everyone already knows, dad & Guss are flying over seas tomorrow, nothing new. So, I thought I'd share a historical moment with you guys! Once upon a time, in (the magical year, when I was born) 1991 my mom and dad, Guss and Janne were going to the European Championships in Lugo, Italy. Guss had left his things in the car over the night, don't ask me why. The following day, mom was responsible of starting the car, so she went out and came back like after a few minutes saying that the car wouldn't start. I don't know what dad & Guss thought of her then, but I guess you get it. Anyhow, they went out to show her how it was supposed to work but no one seemed to get a hang of it. Fact is, that someone had stolen the carbattery and all of Guss' things! So, they called Janne and asked him to come and get him, on which he responded something like "Cut it out, it ain't funny" and hung up. Well, after convincing him that the battery really was stolen he came to get them and they were off to Italy!

You'll get a new update tomorrow (if I find something to write about!)


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