U.S Nats in Dallas 2010, Entries.

No one from Sweden and Finnland or Germany and Slovakia will go to this years Nats in Texas.
From Czeck Republic will Petr Krcil go with Jiri Micek as Mechhanic. From Austria Oliver will go to this years Nats. From Brazil : Jose Mario Serra, Emerson Fischler, Roney Fischer, Rodrigo, Ricardinho,Andre Villar(2009 OMO Nats winner), Viseti, The World Champ Filipe and Gugu.
From Port Jeff : Doug, Chubby(2 times Nats winner), Derek, Bill Skinner(2009 G-27 Nats Winner), Timmy, Matt, Ed Sohl, Larry Pellegrini, and Lil Bri.
Also from St Martin : Reggie Coram.
Also this drivers will go there : Paul Beuf Pedersen(6 times Nats winner), Rich Curnutte(2009 Int G-15 Nats Champ), P.A Watson(4 times Nats winner), Shelby Thomas(2009 Cobolt 12 Nats winner), Gary Puetz, Les Wright, Tracy B, Wally F, Chick, Chick Jr, Zander Chick, Ron Herrera, Rick T ?, Jimbo Kirby, Lem Cambell, Roman, Paul Peterson.
And from Buena Park : James and Zac Grinstead, Adam Kirchoffer.
All this info is from Jose Mario, Mario Schöne, Vlado and OWH and also Jari.

Worlds winners, Update by Paul Pfeiffer.

Paul Pfeiffer helped me with the 1984 Worlds result.

1978   492 laps by Joel Montague in Gothenburg, Sweden.
1980   531 laps by Paul Pfeiffer in Sylmar, USA.
1982   626 laps by Paul Pfeiffer in Uden, Holland.
1984   445 laps by Paul Pfeiffer in Elmsford, USA. (Not a King Track)
1986   661 laps by Lasse Åberg in Valkenburg, Holland.
1987   747 laps by P.A Watson in Tolouse, France.
1988   770 laps by Mike Swiss in Chicago, USA.
1989   789 laps by Stuart Koford in Chicago, USA.
1989         laps by P.A Watson in San Antonio, USA.
1990   812 laps by Mike Swiss in Orlando, USA. 
1991   823 laps by P.A Watson in Chicago, USA.
1992         laps by Jae Young in St. Martin, NL Antilles.
1993   803 laps by Jon Laster in Jackson, USA.
1994   886 laps by Martin Gramann in Mönsterås, Sweden.
1995   816 laps by Alexandrie Riberio in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
1996   945 laps by Paul Ciccarello in Chicago, USA.
1997   924 laps by Vlado Okali in Plzen, Czeck Republic.
1998   941 laps by Paul Ciccarello in Fon du Lac, USA.
1999   893 laps by Mario Schöne in Mönsterås, Sweden.
2000   997 laps by Lasse Åberg in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2001  1076 laps by Paul 'Beuf' Pedersen in Port Jefferson, USA.
2002  1006 laps by Juha Ylisipola in Plzen, Czeck Republic.
2003  1110 laps by Mario Schöne in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2004  1089 laps by Paul 'Beuf' Pedersen in Port Jefferson, USA.
2005  1097 laps by Josef Korec in Kouvola, Finnland.
2006  1153 laps by Joán Carlos Geraldo in Rio, Brazil.
2007  1193 laps by Paul 'Beuf' Pedersen in Buena Park, USA.
2008  1097 laps by Vladimir Horky in Bruhl, Germany.
2009  1225 laps by Petr Krcil in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2010  1282 laps by Filipe Tavares in Port Jefferson, USA.


Tack alla kompisar som uppvaktade mig på min födelsedag igår :-)


Hey y'all! Anyone who can help me with the lapresults from the old Worlds?
Last night we had the final Västcup-race for this season. A few pictures below, enjoy :)
Top 3 this race.
Total top 3 for this season!
Janne recieving his quiz-prizes

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