X-mas race in Stenungsund.

Concourse winner was a strange GT-1/G-12 car this year.

3rd Ekman, 1st Stefan and 3rd Lars-Erik.

The winning car 2013 & 2014.

G-7 race Germany Open

Juha Yli-sipola wins the G-7 race.
Me and Janne went home before the race, so no photos from the race.

Omo race, Germany open.

All cars in this years Omo race at the great track in bruhl.

Jose Mario wins 1 lap before Gugu and 3rd was Stefan.

The winning car from B52.

And some nice BBQ.

G-27 Germany Open 2014.

Per Persson take it easy before the G-27 race in germany.

Todays cars.

Peter looks happy before yhe race.

TQ 1.75, winner in semis and the main.

Light 27, Germany Open 2014.

Besiktning och årets startfält i light 27 klassen.

Vinnaren i light 27 och även nytt banrekord.

Box 12 Germany Open.

5 startande i årets germany open.

Jan andersson vann sitt första germany open race 2014.

Vinnarbilen med O/S viper kaross.

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