Main result G-7 Worlds

Worlds Semis G-7.

Drivers in semi B.

Quarter D,C,B and A in G-7.

1st Krcil, 2nd Horky and Mauro was 3rd, Leandro on 4th place.

Qualifying G-7 in 2012 Worlds.


Photos from OMO race and totalresult.

Mario Schöne OMO Worldchampion 2012 in Brazil.

Total results OMO at 2012 Worlds.

Mario Schönes winning car with a Hype Escort body.

Filipe´s car and Mario´s pink car, and the yellow one is Peter Fröbel from Germany.
All results and photos from Richard J.

OMO: All Main Results.

Benes wins 972 laps.

Les wins 1009 laps.

Al Chuck wins 980 laps.

Josef Korec wins with 930 laps.

Vladimir Horky wins with 1002 laps.

Mario Schöne wins the A-Main and the OMO race with 1026 laps.

OMO race at the Worlds.

There are 45 entrant in Omo race today.
TQ Recek 1.5850 I think its a new World record, the old one was 1.606 by Zdenek Benes at a race in Pilzen.

Receks car with full tires and Koford chassi.

Results of Qulifying OMO.

Yet another birthday in Brazil.

Team MSPs Ulf Edgar Pietch get 49 years old yesterday.

Today at the Worlds.

Today it was only 6 drivers at the track at 10.00, presumably because the G-27 race was over 6.00 in this morning. Today it is free practice and tonight barbecue.

Photo from Richard Jonsson.

Main and Semi results from G-27 in Sao Paulo

2012 World Champion in G-27 Benes.

Benes car with Gugu body.

Main result G-27 2012 in Brazil.

Benes also winner of Semi-A.

Villar was the winner of Semi-B.

G-27 Qulifying and the result of Richard Jonsson

Krcil was TQ and Reggie still have the Worldrecord.

This was our reporter Richards result, I dont know what happend to him.

Josef Korec Light-27 Worldchampion 2012

Josef Korec wins his 4th Light-27 championship in Sao Paulo(2001,2002,2003 and 2012).
1. Josef Korec 965 laps
2. Luca Bernadino 955 laps
3. Fabio Signoretti 946 laps
4. Leandro 941 laps
5. Isaias Jordáo 888 laps
6. Renan 876 laps
7. Petr Krcil 817 laps
8. Filipe Tavares Da Silva 738 laps

I hope we will have some photos later today, before the G-27 results.

Results from Light-27 Semis.

Semi B winner Josef Korec.

Semi A winner Filipe before Luca.

Photos from Brazil

Gugu and I think it is Joan Carlos.

Red Fox Raceway 2012.

Klaus Wickert from Germany.

Horky and Korec from Chech Republic.

Some heat and Quarter results in Light-27

Results from Heat A in Light-27 is Gugu´s Homepage with web cam, and this was the results from Quarters send by Richard Jonsson in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Qualifying Light-27

Mario Schöne 48 years Old Today.

The Team Boss Mario is 48 today, and having a really good time in Brazil.

Gugu´s track

Got this new photo from Richard today, you can use banana plugs or alligator clips at Gugu´s track.
Now it´s only practice with Light-27, and some more drivers have come (Al Chuck, Les and Oliver, and some driver from Argentina).

First photo from this years Worlds.

Got this photo from Richard Jonsson in Brazil, hope to get some more from the track and all racers.


Här är chansen för den som kan gissa vinnarna i G-27,Omo och G-7 på Gugu´s VM i Sao Paulo att vinna 100$.
Lägg din gissning här under på kommentarer, du måste vara ensam om din gissning och ha tre rätt och senast gissa den 16th May. Dagens rapport från Richard Jonsson var att Fröbel, Klaus och Ulli samt Mario har kommit dit.
Även Werner Lange också från Tyskland och Skinner och Forrest från U.S samt Reggie Coram från St Martin. Krcil och grabbarna från CZ hade visst lite problem med flyget dit, men är framme nu.  Mer rapporter från Richard i morgon hoppas jag.

Do you think you know who'll win G-27, OMO and G-7 at Gugus Worlds in Sao Paulo?
Write a comment with your guess - if you have 3 correct names you have the chance to win $100!
You can't guess at the same persons another participant may have done before you (read earlier comments!)
Post your comment before May 16th! Good luck!

Race Gallery

ISRA race i Partille.

Lördagens och dagens ISRA race i Partille vanns av dom två stora svenska favoriterna inför Vm.
I Formula 32 klassen var det 14 startande.
1. Anders Gustafson 389.49 laps TQ 5.408
2. Stefan Törnfeldt 365.58 laps
3. Thomas Werner 365.03 laps
4. Kennet Signal 361.53 laps
5. Viktor Thorsson 353.21 laps
6. Lasse Pettersson 335.86 laps
7. Jan Ekman 327.36 laps
8. Viktor Bergman 118.00 laps

Fomula: 2nd Stefan Törnfeldt, 1st Anders Gustafson och 3rd Mr Scalextric.

I Eurosport 32 var det också 14 startande och vi fick se samma vinnare som i Formula.
1. Anders Gustafson 459.65 laps
2. Michael Landrud 458.32 laps
3. Jan Ekman 445.04 laps
4. Eric Signal 438.20 laps
5. Kennet Signal 430.65 laps
6. Viktor Bergman 416.24 laps TQ 4.749
7. Michel Lorin 411.06 laps
8. Thomas Werner 403.85 laps

2nd Drutten, 1st Anders Gustafson from Vimmerby and 3rd Jan Ekman GO-69.

I Eurosport 24 fick vi se 16 startande på söndagsmorgonen och resultatet blev:
1. Michael Landrud 548.31 laps New trackrecord and TQ 4.097
2. Tomas Nilsson 511.43 laps
3. Anders Gustafson 485.98 laps
4. Stefan Törnfeldt 472.88 laps
5. Mia Ekman 461.23 laps
6. Kennet Signal 421.49 laps
7. Viktor Bergman 311.00 laps
8. Michel Lorin 220.00 laps

2nd Tomas Nilsson, 1st with new trackrecord Michael Landrud and 3rd Anders Gustafson.

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