Correct answers & winners

Slotquiz 1,
Which year and in which city did Skinner compete in his very first European Championship?
Correct answer: Vienna, 1995. No winner.
Slotquiz 2,
How old do you think the stylish Gugu is?
Correct answer: 48. No winner.
Slotquiz 3,
In which place did Jose end up in the G-7 Worlds 2004?
Correct answer: 2nd place. First one to send in the correct answer was Jan Andersson, who won the prizes from the earlier quizzes.

Slotquiz 4,
In which place did Per Persson end up in the Worlds 1978, in Gothenburg?
Correct answer: 75th place. The winner is Lasse Törn, who won a pair of Jet tires.
Slotquiz 5,
How many Europeans are participating at the Wing Worlds 2010?
Jeff Mack is the winner, he was a good mathematic and got the right answer! I totally messed up and wrote that the prize was an armature, it was supposed to be gear. We'll make it up to you by adding another prize aswell!

Slotquiz 6,
Which year did Reggie Coram win the Australian Championships in G-7?
Correct answer: 1990. The winner is Christian Kehl, who won a painted body from ProProducts!

Slotquiz 7,
Who was the first one to be under 3 seconds in a King track in a G-7 qual?
Correct answer: Justin Thomas. The first one to answer was the legendary Rolf Lundberg, who won two free armaturebalancings from Beuf.


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